Henry Hart just wanted an ordinary after school job, but landed the gig of a lifetime. Now he's Kid Danger, sidekick to Captain Man, and it's his job to keep Swellview safe. As if that weren't hard enough, Henry also has to keep his identity hidden from everyone except his two BFFs, Charlotte and Jasper. He’s got a lot of super responsibilities to juggle, on top of trying to be a normal teenager, but it’s no problem for the superhero sidekick of the century… Right?

Henry Danger

The creator of Sam & Cat, iCarly, Victorious and Drake & Josh is bringing you a brand new show!

Henry Hart gets the after school job of a lifetime. As the sidekick to Swellview's well-known superhero, Captain Man, Henry's gig has awesome perks. First up, it pays 9 dollars an hour. Sweet! Next up, he gets to play with next-level, high-tech gadgets. Oh and…he gets to save the WORLD!

As long as he keeps his new identity hidden from his family and friends, plus passes Algebra, Henry is set to be the superhero sidekick of the century! Supervillains, beware.