Sanjay and Craig Characters

Sanjay Patel

Sanjay Patel

Sanjay Patel is just your average 12-year-old boy with a talking snake best friend and a closet full of fart jars. He can usually be found at The Frycade downing some wings and trying to flirt with Belle Pepper, his secret crush. With a heart of gold and farts so bold, Sanjay is one rad-awesome dude.

Likes: Chicken wings, Tufflips, video games.

Dislikes: Noodman, blueberries, pizza.

Sanjay and Craig

Does your neighbor have butt implants and a blueberry obsession? Can your best friend do ANYTHING without barfing? Welcome to Lundgren, where Sanjay Patel and Craig Slithers have the most rad-awesome adventures imaginable.

From their collection of fart jars to their shared love of chicken wings, Sanjay and Craig are more than a boy and his pet snake… they’re family!

Ready for the ride? Buckle up your fart baby and grab some napkins because Sanjay and Craig are about to douse you in awesome-sauce. NOICE! See you at the Frycade!
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