The Penguins of Madagascar Characters



An otter originally from Northern California, Marlene is still adjusting to her new life in Manhattan. Fiercely independent, Marlene has decided not to choose sides between the Penguins and the Lemurs. In fact, she finds herself agreeing with Skipper as often as she agrees with King Julien. Marlene's playful spirit often clashes with Skipper's organization and discipline but that doesn't hurt their friendship.

"Three time internet popularity contest winner. Right here."
"Yea. Have fun with that."

The Penguins of Madagascar

To most people, Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private are just four cute penguins living in the Central Park Zoo. And that's exactly what they want people to think. Why? Because these placid-looking penguins are actually an elite strike force with unmatched commando skills and a secret headquarters. Their mission? To maintain order in the zoo. Their nemesis? Their obnoxious new neighbor, King Julien. This party animal and self proclaimed "King of the Lemurs" is new to the zoo...and he's looking to shake things up.